I'm looking for a way to automatically change what happens when I close my laptop's lid depending on if it's in its docking station or not. In an idea world, the on-close behavior would be nothing (when docked) and sleep (when un-docked), but there only seems to be options for behavior when plugged-in and when on battery (when it's plugged in but not docked, I'd like it to sleep when closed).

My initial idea would be to create a new power profile with this behavior, but I can't find a way to have it switch when docked (or for the power system to take its docked status into account at all). Any idea?


There is an excellent program that does exactly that and much more, like muting/unmuting, going from Aero Glass to Aero Basic, etc., called AeroFoil http://silentdevelopment.blogspot.com/2010/05/aerofoil-151-released.html. Highly recommended: it is quite stable, doesn't get in the way, etc.

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