I can't seem to find one or my google-fu fails me. Is there one?

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I use Google Docs to view my XPS files

  • Much better approach if you want to convert to pdf, open and click on right side print option, then save as pdf :) like a boss – swapyonubuntu May 29 '18 at 4:58

A free converter web service is available from XPS2PDF. All you have to do is upload your XPS file, and it will give your a PDF version.


NiXPS Viewer 2.0.1 - This is the only one I can find and it's definitely not free.

It's free to try but costs 75 euros ($99 USD). The editor is 225 euros ($299 USD).

  • it does have a FREE demo-download though ;) – pavsaund Aug 15 '09 at 18:16

I ended up installing Microsoft's XPS Viewer into a Virtual Machine and that seems to work fine. I know, total overkill, but didn't feel like throwing away another hundred bucks.


I use XPSReader from Mac Appstore... it cost only 15 and does everything I need. Here is the link to AppStore

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