I've just acquired a brand new laptop. Did split my ssd in 3 partitions, one for win7, one for macOSX and one shared data partition. I chose exFAT for this partition, but i did not find how to create symlinks on it.

With win7 mklink won't work. Any suggestions/ideas?

Should i have picked NFTS for this shared partition ?


Symbolic links are nowhere referenced in the exFAT feature list. Additionally I remember that NTFS symbolic links only work if source and destination are NTFS partitions.

May be it is sufficient to mount the shared exFAT data partitions as a sub-directory somewehere on the NTFS partition?

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  • Unfortunately mounting as a subfolder does not allow to create a symlink using mklink.exe – Olivier Jan 12 '11 at 21:58


Soft links:

  • NTFS Yes
  • exFAT No
  • UDF Yes
  • FAT32 No

Reference: File System Functionality Comparison

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