I've been using AppTrap for some time now, however it's no longer being maintained. Is their something similar out there that's being actively maintained and will work with the next OS release?


Try AppCleaner out. I think it has a great UI and you can use it like App Zapper (Drag app onto window).

You can also set it to totally clear the app out when you drag it to the trash by activating SmartDelete in the preferences window:

AppCleaner Preferences

  • I like this, but I really want something that will give me the option to delete all the files associated with the application by just simply dragging the application to the trash, like AppTrap.
    – cust0s
    Aug 16 '09 at 14:45
  • 2
    Updated answer to provide information about SmartDelete. Aug 16 '09 at 16:44
  • what an idiot I am, thanks for this, it's just what I needed.
    – cust0s
    Aug 16 '09 at 16:56

Hazel also provides this feature. Turn it on by checking "App Sweep" in Hazel's Trash preferences:


Afterwards, it will offer to throw away an application's support files when you move it to the Trash.

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