I recently (and accidentally) wiped a hard-drive which should NOT have been formatted. Thankfully, PhotoRec was able to recover some of the most important files from the disk.

Part of those files include a large music collection of flac files. I've placed these in a folder named 'FLAC' that looks like this:

[Start of FLAC Folder]



... (around 2,000 files total)


[End of FLAC Folder]

I'm running a livecd to rescue this data. I have access to a standard terminal in Ubuntu 10.10. I've noticed that the music player in linux will display the song title when I open any of these songs.

My goal is to automatically extract the song title from these files and update their names from f12313512.flac to 'Libera - Rebirth.flac' - or whatever the song title happens to be.

Thanks in advance for suggestions on how I might accomplish this!


EasyTAG can do all sorts of renaming based on metadata.

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