I am trying to play a Y! game which use a java applet. The applet displays the message:

Alert. Unable to connect to server. One of four things could have caused this: 1) You are behind a firewall. 2) You are not connected to the internet. 3) The games server is down. 4) You have a stale page in your cache.

I have added an exception to the Windows firewall for java.exe. I am obviously connected to the Internet okay. The games server is not down when I am at home. I doubt it is down when I am at work. I have never successfully loaded this page before, so I doubt I have a stale page in cache.

Could it be the corporate firewall? Nothing else in my web browser has been blocked before. Maybe the java applet connects on a different port to the browser.

What should I test?


Make sure Java is up-to-date: http://www.java.com/

Clear your cache (easier than updating software, usually) just in case it is a corrupt cache (not uncommon with some web browsers), and if that doesn't work you can also try clearing your cookies (if possible, for that site only).

  • Thanks for your reply. I cleared the cache, and reinstalled the latest version of Java, but the issue remains. I have sure it has something to do with the corporate firewall. – Steve Mar 4 '11 at 4:17

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