in GNU-screen (4.00.03jw4 FAU 2-May-06) I'm able to perform a vertical split pressing C-a | (i.e. Ctrl+a, then pipe).
Since I'd like to have the screen vertically splitted at the program startup, I put "vert_split" in my .screenrc file, but when I start it I can read «unknown command 'vert_split'» for few seconds in the status bar, and the screen is indeed not splitted. I can't find a solution for this in the manual.
Can someone please help me? Thank you.


You might want to try 'split -v' instead; or C-a | (pipe). The vert_split is in patch for screen and in some later releases. Your release of screen (you didn't mention which) does not seem to have the command. On a UNIX/Linux box, run 'info screen region split' or 'man screen' and search for '-v'.

  • Thank you, that is the right command. Anyway the feature is undocumented in both sources you mentioned (I don't know why), still it is reported in "Screen key bindings" (Ctrl-a ?) at the very end. – etuardu Feb 4 '11 at 14:48

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