I have an Ubuntu guest -- more precisely Yahoo Cloud VM on Virtualbox on the top of MacOS. I have configured VirtualBox to serve internet connection to the guest using NAT. Ubuntu uses dhcp to get IP ( and the IP of my DNS server (in /etc/resolv.conf I find the correct IP - - it is IP of my router used by MacOS). So it seems that everything works fine, however when I try to ping google.com I get error that the host was not found (apt-get does not work either). In the same time, nslookup resolves google.com without any problems using Does anybody experience such a situation?

ifconfig output: alt text


1.) Can you do a traceroute? traceroute

2.) Can you give me the output of ifconfig? ifconfig

3.) I experienced a lot of network related troubles using VirtualBox 3 on Mac OS X. Upgrade to Version 4 if you are still using the old one.

  • 1. I have tracepath not traceroute. Tracepath works with IP, 2. You will find it in the post 3. I use VirtualBox 4 – Skarab Jan 19 '11 at 20:11

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