Note: although iOS is technically for "cell phones" which aren't permitted on SU, this questions seems is technical and not about regular usage, that I consider it computer software.

I'd like to have the traffic of both Safari and apps routed through a remote linux server. I thought I would use the terminal app (obviously, the iDevice is jailbroken) to create a local SOCKS proxy with "ssh -D" to open a secure tunnel to the server.

How would I go about changing the global proxy settings to use the localhost proxy?

Any other ideas on achieving the same effect are most welcome.


This would be purely theory since I've never tried it myself but what about setting up a proxy auto-config (.pac) file for iOS that you have stored on your local filesystem. And then you can reference that file through the Settings on your iOS.

I dug up this old link which details how to do it if the .pac file is stored on a shared location on the network but it could easily be modified to point to a local file.


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