I've been using Photoshop CS3 since its release but I now do all my web work on Linux, and in the rare instances where I need to do any graphics work I have to swap onto another PC and then transfer the finished product to my other machines.

I have no intention of buying the latest version (CS5) as I no longer qualify for any discounts and the huge price tag is no good for me.

I'm having a couple of issues with GIMP that are probably just that I'm expecting different names or outcomes.

Are there any guides/articles about adjusting to using GIMP after being a competent Photoshop user?


You may find some use in GIMPshop, mostly a UI modification for GIMP which makes it feel a lot more like PS.


You can find a non-exhaustive list of variants here. GIMPhoto is based on a more recent version of GIMP than GIMPshop.

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