Outlook has a feature that will publish your calendar to the web at certain intervals (usually every 20 minutes or so). I have this enabled, and have invited colleagues to subscribe to my calendar through various ways (mostly via "Add Calendar by URL" in Google Calendar). It publishes to a URL in the form webcal://calendars.office.microsoft.com/pubcalstorage/xxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxx.ics. I am about to reinstall Windows, and once I reinstall Outlook I want to have the same URL for my published calendar (so that my colleagues' subscriptions do not break). Is there a way to get the same URL?


I just decided to test it myself. It appears that if you right-click and "Remove from Server" on the old computer before upgrading, and have the exact same calendar name in Outlook, it will generate the same URL when you re-share it on the new computer.

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