I'm using phpstorm and netbeans and everytime i want to edit a php file there is a line in the middle of the code window.
it happens also in the options menu where there is a preview of the code.
I have windows 7 64bit and i installed the latest java.
both phpstorm and netbeans use java to run and thats why i presume that the java needs to be repaired some how.
Has anyone every encountered this issue?

Screenshot at this link


The line is to show you where 80 chars is. There's a good explanation on the netbeans forum here:

It's there as a guide to line length.

Good style generally avoids lines longer than 80 characters, and only 70 characters for examples intended to be used in documentation.

The red line simply marks 80 characters wide (by default) and is a visual guide to break long expressions over multiple lines.

You can adjust the placement of the red line in (Netbeans 6.7): Tools > Options > Editor > Formatting.

On the left you'll see Right Margin, with a default value of 80.

If you want to remove the red line all together, you can either:

  1. Increase the margin value to 160 or more; or goto
  2. Tools > Options > Fonts and Colors, change the color of the Text Limit Line to white

There may be other ways, but these are the easiest ways I know of.

The Java Code Conventions can be found here (and clause 4.1 is on page 9 of the pdf):


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    To add onto what Colin said, you can goto Tools > Options > Editor > Formatting and set the right margin to zero. For reference, I'm using netbeans 8.1 in linux – Jake Nov 21 '14 at 4:51

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