I am currently using a program named WorkBook - and am now looking for a cheaper replacement. Preferable free - open source software!

I only use the time registration and expense registration parts of the system for my customers so that parts will be important to us!

I have been trying TimeLog - but I am not sure whether it would fit our needs in the future and would be a good substitution.

What else is out there? And what would you please recommend?

We are less than 10 users. We are only interested in web solutions (not Windows-solutions)!

Looking forward to your answers - kind regards Rikke


This page has helped me in the past


There are a number of apps there that you can take a look at, from free to subscriptions based.

Hope it helps

  • Thank you SO much - my first answer in here ;) ....any one at the wikipedia list in particular you have had a good experience with? KR Rikke – Rikke Holten Jan 26 '11 at 15:38

Here is the list of some best Time Tracking software


Oracle HCM Cloud


I recommend SutiExpense for expense tracking. SutiExpense comes with lots of features and integrations and you can even manage expense reporting on the go with its mobile apps.

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