How can I concatenate strings and variables in a shell script?

stringOne = "foo"

stringTwo = "anythingButBar"

stringThree = "? and ?"

I want to output "foo and anythingButBar"


Nothing special, you just need to add them to your declaration.

for example:

[Zypher@host01 monitor]$ stringOne="foo"
[Zypher@host01 monitor]$ stringTwo="anythingButBar"
[Zypher@host01 monitor]$ stringThree=$stringOne$stringTwo
[Zypher@host01 monitor]$ echo $stringThree 

if you want the literal word 'and' between them:

[Zypher@host01 monitor]$ stringOne="foo"
[Zypher@host01 monitor]$ stringTwo="anythingButBar"
[Zypher@host01 monitor]$ stringThree="$stringOne and $stringTwo"
[Zypher@host01 monitor]$ echo $stringThree 
foo and anythingButBar
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    If I might make a suggestion, your prompt is noisy and obscures your answer (and a space after the dollar sign would help readability). Something like $ stringOne="foo", for example. Also, the prompt shouldn't appear on an output line (the lines after the echos). Otherwise +1. – Dennis Williamson Jan 27 '11 at 22:31
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    echo ${stringOne}and${stringTwo} if you don't want spaces – max taldykin Jan 28 '11 at 9:41
  • You can also do stringThree=$stringOne" and "$stringTwo. – Armfoot Dec 4 '15 at 11:38

If instead you had:

stringThree="%s and %s"

you could do:

$ printf "$stringThree\n" "$stringOne" "$stringTwo"
foo and anythingButBar

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