In DOS, the command dir /s /ah will recurse through every subdirectory and show all files with the "hidden" attribute.

What is the linux equivalent?

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The standard linux filesystems don't come with a "hidden" attribute for files, but convention is that files with names starting with a dot are not shown by e.g. ls. You can find these with with find

find . -name '.*'

I usually use ls -lAR which recurses through a directory tree, showing file attributes and any 'hidden' files (commonly called 'dot files' because they start with a dot ('.'). You could also replace the 'A' with 'a' to show the current and parent directory in each, but except for the top-level directory, all are shown in the parent's directory.


I have the following aliases in my .zshrc:

alias l.='ls -CAF --ignore=\*'
alias ll.='ls -CAlhF --ignore=\*'

They show dotfiles in the current directory. In case you want to recurse through subdirectories, add the -R switch to ls.

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