Hi I am using compaq cq40 144tu notebook. i installed xp on it. i cant see any webcam in it. I reinstalled xp in my system,but there is no change in it. previously it done well,but now i am not getting any webcam in it. there is no imaging devices in device manager. How can i get my builtin webcam back.


I am not sure, but it might be a Chipset Problem. If it's only a clean XP Installation you might install various drivers: i found a listing here: http://laptop-driver.blogspot.com/2009/02/compaq-cq40-144tu-xp-drivers.html (i have not checked the contents, use at your own risk)

install HD Sound aswell, i remember having trouble with other components on one of my systems without that driver, or just install drivers for every part of your system.

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