I have bought a Asrock 330 ION-BD and use it as a HTPC. I'm running XBMC under Linux (Ubuntu).

I'm missing a good Remote control. The problem is that the Asrock doesn't have an IR receiver onboard and I can only extend on USB ports.

So, my question; are there IR to USB recievers for Linux?

Maybe a combined solution; a (universal) remote control with a IR to USB?

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LIRC is the package that handles IR communication in linux, so you could pick up any IR to USB receivers listed in the USB devices compatibility section. There is also a list of supported remote controls on the main page.

You could also ask the XBMC community forum for suggestions from people who've already done this.


The trick is to buy a remote for a media center that comes with a reciever. Perhaps this? Check out other products in the category and then start searching to make sure the IR Reciever works in linux. Most of them probably will.


Yes, there are.

I use a Microsoft Windows Media Center OEM remote with my homebuilt Mythtv PC (bought from Newegg). The remote came with a receiver that works just fine in Linux.

The list in Nagul's link has a whole bunch of them, but I figure a specific data point can't hurt.


Not an answer, but be aware that Linux almost exclusively supports IR remotes.

If the pc is in front of you anyway (next to a TV) then it may not be an issue.
If the pc is behind you (under a projector) then you'd have to aim your IR remote behind you...

I have several RF remotes and haven't gotten any of them to work on Linux. (I'd have to write the drivers myself...)

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