I'm trying to hardsub an avi file. I made subtitles for it using a different avi file. There is a small time difference betweeen the two files, so I need to shift the timing of the subtitles a little bit. I have done this before using Subtitle Workshop, but the method I used was not very accurate. It requires using the slider and is quite painful. Is there a better way to do this?

  • I think this subtitle postcan help. do read your .srt file and note down first dialogue and note the occurrence of that dialogue. that can help you! Commented Dec 5, 2014 at 4:56

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There are a couple of ways to adjust timings for all subtitles in a single file with Subtitle Workshop:

1: Edit > timings > Set Delay, set a positive or negative delay time, select the "All subtitles" radio button, Apply.

2: Select all the subtitles: Ctrl+A, to add 100 milliseconds delay, press Shift+Ctrl+H, to subtract 100 milliseconds, press Shift+Ctrl+N. You can hold each of these key combinations down to rapidly increase or decrease the times.


It's much easier using Aegisub.

Just go to Timing and add/decrease the time to your subs

Then, you can play line by line to see if the edit is synced or not

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