I have been successfully using Adobe Acrobat X to OCR many scanned documents which I use for my research. However I have begun studying old German documents which use the Fraktur script, also known as Gothic. SuperUser won't let me post an image of it, but you can find examples of what it looks like in the Wikipedia article (linked above).

I have read about special programs which OCR the text, such as ABBY FineReader für Fraktur, but first it works on Windows (and I use a Mac), and second I'd like to find a Fraktur plugin for Acrobat to fit into my already-existing workflow. Are there any Fraktur OCR plugins for Acrobat? Generally, where should one look for Acrobat OCR plugins?


I'm not sure about OCR plugins for Acrobat. However, it looks like ocropus has support for Fraktur text and someone was kind enough to build a OS X version with a simple gui called TakOCR.

edit: see the Stack Overflow question Fraktur recognition with OCRopus/Tesseract on Linux

  • Thanks for pointing me in this direction. However it appears that these applications only output text files, rather than making the PDF searchable itself. – Jason Feb 12 '11 at 23:23
  • ABBYY Finereader claims to be able to read gothic fonts. – Michael Zedeler Aug 16 '13 at 9:56

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