I'm installing VMware Workstation on a SLED 11 SP1, and the installation is blocked by an error message "Kernel headers for version were not found". If you installed them in a non-default path you can specify the path below. Otherwise refer to your distribution's documentation for installation instructions and click Refresh to search again in default locations.

The output of rpm -qa | grep kernel is


I had met this issue in Ubuntu and I installed the required linux header via apt-get then the issue disappeared. But in SLED, I didn't find the rpm package in SUSE's software repository, and I also google "linux-kernel-headers-" but did not match any documents.

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

The output result of zypper se kernel | grep kernel is

i | linux-kernel-headers | Linux Kernel Headers                                            | package   
  | linux-kernel-headers | Linux Kernel Headers                                            | srcpackage
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The kernel-header error is misleading - you have to install kernel-source. (After you do that, you might have to update the kernel itself, so check that afterwards.)


You can use:

yast2 -i kernel-source
  • OP just wants the headers, presumably (I'm not familiar with SUSE) the command is yast2 -i kernel-headers-x.x.x.x (including the version is critical, otherwise they just get the latest).
    – vonbrand
    Mar 4, 2014 at 13:03

Can you provide output result from zypper se kernel | grep header

Problem here is that your SUSE installed kernel headers is linux-kernel-headers-2.6.32-1.4.13 which doesn't match your current kernel

First, uninstalling package linux-kernel-headers-2.6.32-1.4.13 #rpm -e linux-kernel-headers-2.6.32-1.4.13

Update repositories with #zypper ref

Check for kernel headers package Version, #zypper if linux-kernel-headers | grep Version

if it match, so just go ahead.

Hope this help,

  • sudo zypper if linux-kernel-headers | grep Version Version: 2.6.32-1.4.13 it doesn't match, it looks like I should downgrade the kernel to 2.6.32-1.4, right?
    – Landy
    Feb 14, 2011 at 6:59
  • I tried to use "zypper udpate linux-kernel-headers" to update the headers, but got "No update candidate for 'linux-kernel-headers'."
    – Landy
    Feb 14, 2011 at 7:05

This worked for me:

cd /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build/include
ln -s   generated/uapi/linux/ .

Apparently version.h is not quite where VMWare expects it. VMWare finds it via the softlink.


With Opensuse 12.3, I had to run it has a root user.

I right click on the start button ( like if it were the Windows Start Menu ) then clicked "Edit Applications and under Systems > More Programs Selected VMware Workstation then went to "Advance"tab and checked the box run as a different user and wrote root.

Then do this on a terminal [CODE] cd /lib/modules/uname -r/build/include ln -s generated/uapi/linux/ [/CODE]


For me, after install "kernel-source", restart vmware, then vmware will auto detect the headers location.


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