The default window size appears to be 24x80 but I'd prefer to set it so new windows appear in the size 50x90. Is there a way to set this default?

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try setting the following line in ~/.gvimrc

set lines=50 columns=90


I tried the full set lines=## columns=## but it did not work.

What I found is that using two set commands, one for each option, did work:

set lines=##
set columns=##
  • In what way did it "not work" ? For me, this worked just fine in one line - used in the .gvimrc. Your's might work, too, but I dont see why the other thing should not. Maybe it ahoiuld be rather a comment than an own solution...
    – Henning
    Aug 10, 2017 at 15:22

Like Gren said, but for the command line. On my Mac the --geometry argument is not supported

alias gv='mvim -c "set lines=50 columns=98" -p'

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