I am trying to access a brand new Beagle Board from Ubuntu or Mac over serial using the setup seen here: http://specialcomp.com/beagleboard/RevC1.htm

I got Minicom and GTKTerm installed on the Ubuntu box. I set up the correct baud rate, turned off flow control, and have tried ttyUSB0 and ttyS0. Once minicom is configured properly, I should just see the init text from the board appear if I have minicom open in terminal while I plug in the board, correct?

dmesg shows ttyUSB0 on the computer has been connected to ttyS0 on the beagle.

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RS-232 ports don't have a common method for indicating the presence of a device; therefore, some sort of "attention" message is required. Try pressing Enter in Minicom, after plugging in the board.

(There is also no way to see init messages that have been printed before connecting the serial port.)

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