I have opened properties for this network card and advanced tab there. There are lots of parameters, where can I obtain explanations about each of them? enter image description here


I would start with network card manual.

If you can't find one, using google for each is good way to find answers. Here's answers for the list shown in the screenshot:

  • Auto Disable Gigabit: running on gigabit speed consumes more power. This option automatically disables it when there is no need for faster connection.
  • Flow Control: Flow Control is mechanism for handling send/receive speeds without outrunning slower party
  • Green Ethernet: Proprietary power saving technology
  • Interrupt Moderation: no interrupt for every packet, but after timeout/enough data. For busy networks, this will lower the load, but increase latencies.
  • IPv4 Checksum Offload: Network controller will calculate checksums, instead of CPU.
  • Jumbo Frame: support for larger frames than ethernet default (1500 bytes)
  • Large Send Offload: method for sending large amount of data to network controller, which will then process it at once
  • Network Address: most probably MAC address of network card.
  • Priority & VLAN: priority: QoS feature. VLAN: Virtual LAN
  • Receive Buffers: Size of buffers for received data. Larger buffer obviously consumes more resources, but smaller buffer might block (drop) traffic on a busy network.
  • Receive Side Scaling: support for using multiple processor while receiving
  • Shutdown Wake-On-Lan: Enable wake-on-lan support (possibility to remotely start up computer with special network packet)
  • Speed & Duplex: default speed (for example 10Mb/s, 100Mb/s) and duplex (half- or full-)

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