Currently I'm using a very old version of Virtual Dimension with a several years old code base as desktop manager in Windows 7. It's open source, and has several benefits compared to several other desktop managers.

  • Customizable amount of desktops (arrangeable in rows and columns)
  • Multi screen support
  • Overview window for all tasks on all desktops with drag and drop support to rearrange windows on different desktops
  • Customizable keybindings for common actions (like in GNOME: move windows to next/prev. desktop, switch desktops, maximize horizontally / vertically etc.)
  • It adds a new menu entry to each window which allows configuring its look and feel. These settings can be saved and applied to several windwos etc.

Virtual Dimension Menu

Does anyone know a similar desktop manager with at least these features? Has anyone heard of updates or clones of this project? Is anyone interested in continueing the development? Preferrably it shouldn't be a shell replacement.


Here are some alternatives that I found, but I'm not sure if they meet your criteria.

These were found at alternativeto.net

I hope one of these fits your needs :)


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