I am 100% positive that I recently saw on the Internet a new plugin for MS Word which allowed the user to choose a Web Mail service such as Gmail or Ymail instead of Outlook or Live. Am I totally losing my sanity, and "it's just my 'magination runnin' away with me"? Thanks!


Affixa makes your webmail account part of Windows.

Affixa allows you to use you web mail service from within Windows just as if it were a desktop email client.

If you right click on any file and select "Send to mail recipient" then Affixa automatically creates an email in your webmail account drafts folder with the file attached. You can then open that mail and send it whoever you want.

If you have several attachments you can create a "collection" to be emailed. If the attachment is too large for your web mail service Affixa offers to deliver the attachments via the free Drop.io web service.

Affixa is free of charge for personal use.


You might be thinking of accelerators for IE8.

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