I'm doing a lot of Ruby/Python development, and it's really hard to get all tools working on Windows, one of the hardest part is making ssh command working properly on Windows.

Does anyone who know any tool can do this? I would like to use ssh in the Windows cmd.

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Yes, Putty. I also find useful WinSCP. Not command line but allows you to do a lot of stuff apart from just copying files. Its embeded text editor is quite functional and does not introduce any weird character, etc. In windows, if you are doing a lot of Ruby development, by all means I would recommend you using RubyStack.


You can either use cygwin if you want it in a shell-like environment, or use the de facto PuTTY. Plink (on the PuTTY page) allows you to use PuTTY's SSH functionality from the Windows command line.

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