I am absolutely not up to date when it comes to hardware. I have this Dell Optiplex 755 that only has an onboard D-Sub output, but I want to use the machine to watch videos on a large Samsung LCD TV.

Now the LCD comes with a D-Sub input but I'd rather use a HDMI connection so I'd need a new graphics card. The case is however smaller than computers I am used to seeing, so what graphics card do I need to buy for the machine? The slots at the rear of the case only measure 7cm or less.

enter image description here

Note that I'm asking for the term used for the graphics card and not actually the graphics card.


There are plenty of low profile (that's the key phrase to use when searching) cards that will fit in that case. Unfortunately, those Optiplex's come with small power supplies. I have a full size one I am looking at and it has 305w supply so the smaller form factor one you have pictured probably has a lower wattage than my full tower. Sadly I don't have any of the slim 755's but I do have slim Optilex 330's, gx620's, and 745's they all have 280 watt power supplies. I remember having issues with 8600gt's with those power supplies the best one I have successfully got to work is the NVidia 8400gs. I can guarantee they will work with that case with that power supply, they are not the best cards but if you just want dual display's it will work fine.

EDIT: you might want to check to see if the slim 755 has the 280w supply, I'm 90% sure it does, but if it has a 305w you might be able to get a better card working.


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