My company uses Juniper networks for vpn access. I am unable to get the juniper network connect client to work on windows 7 64-bit. It used to work before but after I formatted my system it gives the following error every time I start the vpn client

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If I check the logs I see this error

The Juniper Network Connect Service service is marked as an interactive service. However, the system is configured to not allow interactive services. This service may not function properly.

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Windows 7 and Juniper Network Connect 6.3 - Tech & Computer Forums

Try the links from the above post and download Juniper Networks Version 6.3. It will work, because it worked for me:

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Try this: JHConnect Installers

Install the second link (Microsoft Windows 64-bit (Including XP, Vista, and Windows 7)) at your own risk and follow the instructions.

This worked perfectly for me. I was struggling with 64 bit for quite some time and now it works.


Found the problem. You need to have SP1 installed and automatic updates does not do this for you.


For those of you like me whom the answer didn't work, this might:

  • Open services (Start->Rune "services.msc").
  • Look for "Juniper Network Connect Service"
  • If it is stopped, try to start it.
  • If it does not start, check the "Path to executable:" in the service dialog box.
  • If path is incorrect, open registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\dsNcService
  • Fix the path.
  • Start dsNetworkConnect.exe (or otherwise launch Juniper network client)

Thanks to the excellent tool 'Serviwin' by nirsofer


I posted about this in detail on my blog:

Installation Procedure:

Step 1: Uninstall the previous versions of Juniper Network Connect. (If you ever tried connecting your office computer then you might have installed this software on your machine. Check in Add or remove programs)

Step 2: Go to Computer and click on Organise-->Folders and search options --> View tab --> Under Hidden files and folders, click on Show hidden files, folders, and drives and click on OK.

Step 2: Now you have to delete some files on your machine. Go to Computer--> Local Disk (C:) --> Users --> "Click on your username"(If you are not sure of your username, then click on start. You will find your username on top of Documents)

Step 3: Click on AppData folder (hidden folder) --> Roaming --> Delete the Juniper Networks folder.

Step 4: Install the Juniper Networks software which you have downloaded from the above link. (Click Yes for all the authentication messages)

Step 5: Now Run the software. Go to Start-->All Programs-->Juniper Networks--> Network Connect 6.30.-->Network Connect

Step 6: Now enter the VPN address and sign in.

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