I'm building a NES PC casemod and want to use the RCA jacks in the case for the audio connection. I'm using the Intel D945GCLF2 which has motherboard pins for front-panel audio as well as S/PDIF audio.

What would you suggestion doing in this case? It seems to be easier to wire the front-panel audio pins to left/right RCA jacks but is it as simple as wiring the signal/ground or do I have to convert the audio signals from digital to analog?

Has anyone done any motherboard audio wiring who could shed some light on this for me?


The motherboard PDF reference you link shows a Audio header reference on the last page.
These are for wiring to a cabinet speaker.

If you want to extend Stereo output over two RCA jacks,
I think connecting them internally to the Front Panel header
(integrated HD, numbered '7' on page 3)
over the front-left and front-right jacks would be suitable.
This can be done with an extension wire or manually wiring through the signal/ground paths.

You can change the HD Audio configuration to use Stereo output (rather than 5.1) later.

S/PDIF is usually a digital path.

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Normally it will be analogue audio, and the wiring would be simple. It's possible that there could be pins for S/PDIF on the motherboard, but I expect they would be labeled as such.

It's hard to say any more without knowing what motherboard it is.

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  • I was thinking of testing the audio connections to see what I get. There is a link in my question to the motherboard's technical specification document. There are both front-panel and SPDIF pinks on the motherboard. – Zack The Human Aug 19 '09 at 0:30

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