How do I make Firefox 3.5 open faster? I love FF but use IE8 when I want to get on fast because it opens faster...I'm running Windows Vista, Home Premium.


If you have any add-ins installed, they can drastically increase the amount of time FireFox takes to load up.

Start by disabling all of the add-ins. Then enable them one at a time in order of priority to you. Stop when the amount of time it takes to start is as long as you are willing to put up with.

  • I'm a huge add-on fan, that's the beauty of Firefox. Will try, thanks much! – studiohack Aug 19 '09 at 1:28
  • firebug can definitively slow down the time it takes to have a page be usable. Also, make sure you set it to show a blank page, showing your last session's tabs is useful, but very slow. – Chuck Aug 19 '09 at 2:04

Just continue to use it. Superfetch will learn that you like to use Firefox and preload it into memory so it starts faster.


Firefox introduced a new thing where it scans all your temp files in 3.5. I believe in 3.5.2 they disabled this, so your best bet would be to update to that.


Clear your cookies and cache. That might affect load times.


This worked for me:


Basically, clear out these folders (exact location names might vary for Vista):

C:\Documents and Settings*user*\Local Settings\History

C:\Documents and Settings*user*\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

C:\Documents and Settings*user*\My Recent Documents

C:\Documents and Settings*user*\Temp\

Cut my work firefox startup from about 20secs to 5 secs on XP (a mature installation). No difference on new install of Win 7 at home, but then there's been no time to build up crap in the relevant locations.


Try FireTune to optimize FF config...


Also, if you don't like IE, but don't necessarily want to ditch all of your extensions in Firefox, consider using Chrome for those times when you just need a browser up right away. I use it for that purpose a lot, although Firefox is still my main browser.

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