I'm trying to connect to an HTTPS WebDAV folder on Windows 7. I go to a "Computer" Explorer window, right click, and click "Add a Network Location." I follow the prompts and get "The folder you entered does not appear to be valid. Please choose another." It works fine on Windows XP. How do I make this work?

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Instead of going through the GUI it said you should go to a command prompt and type in a command similar to this one:

net use * https://webdav.example.com:port/folder

It prompted me for a username and password and then mapped the drive.

I was able to access my files this way. Hope it works for you.


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    Should that be net use * https://webdav.example.com:port/folder *? According to the docs, the second * means it should prompt for a password. Jul 17, 2013 at 20:59

This works for Windows 10:

net use drive_letter: \\sitename@ssl@port/folder/subfolder password /user:userID

The @port is the port number if required. For example

net use x: \\webdav.example.edu@ssl@5050/proj/xyz correct.horse.battery.staple /user:stu
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    This one worked, but I also had to start a service called WebClient. I set it to Automatic, just in case.
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Go to a "Computer" Explorer window, right click, and click "Add a Network Location.

In the dialog box you write like this


for example if your webdav URL is https://www.netshahr.com/tech should be



Don't add 'https://' at start of you address

Your SSL certificate should be added to windows store if it is self signed.

Sometimes it fails at first time but with second try it works .

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    Now, how does get the certificate and add it to the store?
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By default, the Webclient service is not running on windows 8.1+ client. But for windows 7 client this service is running by default.

So please try to start the WebClient service on windows 8.1+ client to check if it helps.

I just got it working by doing this =)


You can also use mklink in Windows 7+

mklink /J "%appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Network Shortcuts\RemoteResourceName" \\remoteserver.com.pl@SSL@2078\DavWWWRoot

In my case, I got it going with a combination of the answers above, so I am posting it here for future reference.

In a Windows 10:

Enable WebClient Service, and use the below command:

For context, the address used is for a webdav address in Nextcloud. All uppercase letters should be changed accordingly

net use X: https://WEBDAV.DOMAIN.ADDRESS/remote.php/dav/files/USERNAME/  PASSWORD /user:USERNAME

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