How can I add cell padding (term related to HTML) to a paragraph in Word 2008 (for Mac).

Here is a screenshot of how my paragraph looks: Paragraph

How can I add space between the border and the characters?

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"Cell padding" as such does not exist in Word, but you can try these: (I have Word 2007 2010 for Windows right now, but the commands should be similar)

  • Open Borders and Shading dialog (Ribbon -> Home Tab, Paragraph sub tab, click on the arrow near the "Borders" icon)
  • Click on "Borders and Shading"
  • Click on "Options..."
  • Adjust the values in "From text"

For the left and right "padding" the "Left Indent", "Right Indent" and "Hanging Indent" handles in the ruler may help (View Tab - > Show/Hide -> Ruler if the ruler is not visible)

(Unable to upload images from my workplace. Will upload from home later today)

Edit: Added images (realized after 3 years, screenshots from Word 2010, instructions pretty much the same) borders and shading options


In word 2013 I tried the options... dialog box approach but didn't see any change in the resulting padding. I was able to add a border to the style declaration, using the same color, and it gave the effect I was hoping for, with more padding around the text. I had to adjust the left and right margins of the style a bit, too, to get the edges to line up where I wanted them.

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