I'm on a Mac, and I've been using Quicksilver and Chrome as my browser.

I'm wondering if there's a way I use Quicksilver to open commonly used web sites. For me this will include Google Finance, Google Mail, Pandora, FaceBook, and a few others. I know there's a Safari plug-in, but I was wondering: Is there a way to make it work with Chrome?


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If it's ok for you to have your bookmarks synced to Safari (e.g. via XMarks), you could also use Alfred. The bookmarks will be opened in your default browser (Chrome) anyway.


You can use Ferro, a Chrome extension that functions similarly to Quicksilver. It searches bookmarks, history, and open tabs, and has a lot of other functionality: getferro.com


You can import your bookmarks into Safari and have QS index the Safari bookmarks. They get opened by the default browser.

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