This is a followup question to the following question: Is there a way to sync google contacts to your iPhone?

I am looking for an easy tool/method/way to transfer all of my contacts currently stored in MobileMe into Google Contacts.

What is the easiest way to do that? I have seen a tool that is designed to do that yet...

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Assuming you have a Mac, and you're syncing MobileMe contacts to your Address Book:

Open up Address Book, highlight all your contacts, then click File > Export > Export vCard. Save the resulting vCard archive somewhere. Open up http://google.com/contacts, click Import > Choose File, and select your archive.

If you have Windows, just export your contacts as a CSV or vCard archive from Outlook/Outlook Express/Windows Contacts and import them in the same manner.

You could also try importing through Gmail using Settings > Accounts and Imports > Import Mail and Contacts, and then entering your MobileMe information.


You can also sync your contacts directly from the Address Book once you synced it from MobileMe.

This article explains how this can be done.


This worked well! Actually, it was even easier than your full instructions indicated. I followed your instructions exactly about opening Address Book, selecting the contacts I wanted to export, then clicking File > Export > Export V-Card. Next, I signed into my Gmail account, and all the contacts I had highlighted to export just showed up in my Gmail "Contacts" list without my having to do anything further.

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