when I try a scp transfer I get this error:

protocol error: bad mode

PD: I can establish a ssh connection.


So, this is a bit of question necromancy, but since I got here, and then realised what the answer was after reading the first answer, I figured I'd put this here for other wayward souls.

Because of the way scp works (over stdin/stdout over ssh AFAIK), having a naive bashrc that prints messages breaks the formatting scp is expecting, and thus the connection.

As suggested in various answers elsewhere (linked below), modifying your dot-files is usually the way to fix this:


the problem was a personalized welcome message of bash

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    So what's the solution? If you can't change the welcome message, is there a way to still scp? – Thucydides411 May 5 '14 at 16:26

Check the content of your .bashrc and .bash_login files. Make sure there's nothing that sends output to the tty.

In my case, I was running a command in my .bashrc to tell me what version of Linux I had. When I deleted that, everything worked fine.

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