I'm a new user to Ubuntu! so I need your help. How do I install Java and Groovy in Ubuntu?? Please give step by step instructions.


This really couldn't be simpler in Ubuntu. First open a terminal window:


then in the window that comes up type:

user@computer:~$ sudo apt-get install groovy

Enter your password when it asks for it, and enter Y when it asks you if you want to continue.

Groovy will download, along with all its requirements (including Java) and install automatically.


Although automatic install is really nice feature, the repository version of Groovy may be not the current one.

If you want to be sure about the version you will install a bit more complicated method is necessary.

  • Download latest zip binary release from Groovy site and unzip it where do you like
  • Add groovy location to the path. To do this edit the ~/.profile file and add following lines at the end:

    export GROOVY_HOME="/path/to/the/place/you/extracted/the/zip"
  • Logout and login or in terminal launch the command:

    source .profile

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