Which consumes least power from the laptop battery out of the following - a corded USB mouse or a cordless mouse with USB transceiver or bluetooth wireless mouse?

I have a laptop running Windows 7 64-bit and am looking to use a solution that'll use the least amount of energy from my laptop's battery. yes, I know the built-in touchpad would use the least energy but I'd like to use an external device - more comfort.

Either via practical experience or via tests carried out, could someone please help to narrow down the type of mouse that'd serve my purpose? Not looking for a fancy mouse - 2 button + wheel is enough.


A few years back Toms Hardware did a review of items that related to the power consumption of notebooks. Their testing at the time revealed that a bluetooth mouse is very slightly better. The complete coverage can be read here.

From Tom's Hardware


I would assess that wire mouse is the more likely to be the best choice. I guess it depends on the manufacturer, but the BlueTooth and/or transceiver generally requires a lot of power to communicate and I think more than the full powering of a wire mouse.

Unfortunately I have no source to refer to.

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