Since upgrading to OpenOffice 3.3 on 64-bit Windows 7, OpenOffice.org fails to start and displays the following error:

The application cannot be started.

[context="user"] caught unexpected exception!

Worked fine at version 3.2.

What's going on, and what's the workaround, if any?


You can try this from here:

Windows 7

  1. Show hidden files/folders: By default, our AppData folder is hidden, so we need to show all hidden files and folders before we start.

  2. Open your AppData folder Open your AppData folder, in my case C:\Users\syahzul\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\3.

  3. Delete LibreOffice Profile: Delete or move all the contents to other place.

  4. Start LibreOffice Once you start the application, LibreOffice will find the profile folder, if not exists it will re-create one for you.

After few days struggling with the issue it [now works]. I hope it works for you too.

It's for LibreOffice, but you can give it a try.

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I suffered a failing SSD and, in restoring the contents of the appdata folder on Windows 7, came to suffer the same problem with OO3.4.1. I followed your suggestion and renamed the OpenOffice.org to OpenOffice.org.failed_to_start. I then doubleclicked the "OpenOffice.org 3.4.1" shortcut to start the application which had it recreate the OpenOffice.org directory structure. A little heart failure because it then aborted again, but a second doubleclick started it with success and it runs like a cute puppy. Ah, computer failures, don't ya love em, show you corners of the universe that you had no desire to ever explore!

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