I have Windows 7 as host and I am running VirtualBox with Windows 7 as guest. I have created share folder on my host but I do not know how to access it from guest. Any ideas?


Read about shared folders in VirtualBox here.

Fortunately a bit of searching yielded this article, which describes the problem nicely. It turns out that there is a magic word you have to know, and that is the share name for the host OS:


(I ran into trouble too, the other answers did not help me, but I eventually found the solution which I am sharing with you)

In a nutshell it is:

  • On Host machine, share a folder under the name "share".
  • On guest machine, map it using "net use x:\vboxsrv\share"

More details on Shared Folders in VirtualBox

But, if it still fails, it is probably because Guest Additions are not installed.

On Guest machine, click in the menu: Devices > Install Guest Additions...

Navigate to the virtual CD-ROM just created, and install VBoxWindowsAdditions.exe

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    Thanks a bunch @Hugues, turned out indeed I hadn't set up the Guest Additions. After this it automatically set it up like Randolph mentioned – Ivo Flipse Jan 16 '12 at 14:17

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