I need to switch the bullets in an openoffice impress slideshow. In one page I need the "normal" round ball, in another I need a check sign, in another I need the x sign.

What I do is select the list in which I want to make the change and then do a

Format -> Style & Formatting -> RightClick on Outline -> Modify

and I select what I want in the bullet tab.

The problem is that the change is applied to the whole presentation, which is very weird since I'm not doing this change in "Slide Master" but just on the slide I want. I RTFM'ed, Googled, etc, but with no luck.

How can I select different bullets for different lists?

In case this matter, I'm in Ubuntu 10.04, and OpenOffice is 3.2.0


The right way to do this is

Format -> Bullet and Numbering

This way is applied only to the current slide.

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