in most GUI text editor I can use ctrl click to open multiple files at once. I can't do that in gvim.
What the gvim way to do it?

-edit- ...using gui way instead of command line.

  • tnx 4 the answers but none are solutions that I really wanted. Btw, I use ubuntu linux. – mhd Mar 21 '11 at 4:49


gvim -p file1.c file3.c ...


gvim -p *.c

gVim opens multiple files in buffers.

:tab ball

will open these buffers in their own tabs. I guess you could add this command to your _vimrc to make it happen each time gvim runs.

In Windows: gvimext.dll: Support loading files into a VIM tab

  1. Select multiple files (with CTRL-Click)
  2. Right-Click to get context menu
  3. Click "Edit with single Vim using tabs"
  • The extension DLL seems to be out of date. – atoumey Apr 11 '12 at 16:24
  • @atourney: The extension DLL works fine for me. I'm using gVim 7.3.46 with Windows 7 64. – Leftium Apr 12 '12 at 0:58
  • For some reason, I don't have :tab command. But something similar exists on my gvim 7.2 - :tabnew. – Duck Dodgers Sep 30 '19 at 14:47

This is a partial registry fix (selecting multiple files and right-clicking Edit with gVim opens those files in different tabs in the same window)

@="C:\\Program Files\\Vim\\vim70\\gvim.exe --remote-tab-silent \"%1\""
  • In the PATH above - One has to FIX the value of version of VIM. As mentioned above, version of VIM in PATH is shown as "vim70" and needs to be changed according to the installation in target machine. – Amit Verma Jan 3 '15 at 21:59

You can open multiple files in gvim. After you've selected the files you want to open, right-click and select "Edit with single Vim". Vim will initially display only the first file, but all the file names are in Vim's argument list. Execute


to open each file in the list one at a time (:N to go back), or


to see all the files at once, each in a different Vim window, or

:tab all

to see each in a different tab.

  • Open files:

    vim {file1,file2,...}

    in buffers, then use

    :ls (list), :n (next), :p (previous), :b<N> (open file N), :b [press TAB]
  • Open in tabs:

    vim -p <files> 

    as polemon wrote, then use same commands as above

  • Open in multiple windows :

    vim -o {file1,file2,...}

    Then see e.g. http://www.cs.oberlin.edu/~kuperman/help/vim/windows.html


You can open multiple files in single split window using

gvim -O file1.c file2.c ... (split vertically)
gvim -o file1.c file2.c ... (split horizontally)


in multiple tabs using

gvim -p file1.c file2.c ...

If you have more than 10 file to open then use following commands

:set tabpagemax=99 (or number of tabs you want to open)
:tab ball (to open all the files in buffer in tabs)

You may also TRY following by adding:

autocmd BufReadPost * tab ball

in VIM RC file in VIM version 7.X (Works for Windows 7/8)

More Details Here

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