My desktop appears to be blue screening and restarting after Win7 hard drive installation.

How can I navigate to event viewer in Win 7 and see when was the last time it crashed unexpectedly?


The Event Viewer log you need to look at is Custom Views > Administrative Events, they will be flagged as Error or Critical

These logs won't tell you much about what caused it, look and see if you have a folder in the Windows directory called Minidump, see if there are any .dmp files in there.


You can then use BlueScreenView to look at the dump file


  • NirSoft makes some awesome freeware utilities! Thanks for sharing. – Daniel Sokolowski Jul 11 '15 at 15:32

You can also view events using the reliability tool in Windows 7 for additional information.

Click start and type "reliability". It may show multiple items, select "Reliability Monitor". Then select the day that the event occurred and enjoy!

Just as a side note, the tool is located in: Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Action Center > Reliability Monitor.


Assuming the blue screen is not preventing Windows from loading...


Or, right-click Computer and choose Manage, and then chose Event Viewer in the left pane.

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