I have had the download and installation of Glassfish OpenESB stopped/interrupted three times now by F-Secure Anti-Virus.

The virus it has found is "gen:heur.minggy".

I haven't found much online for the minggy virus. I am guessing, judging by the name, that it was a heuristic getting a false positive, but I would like a definite answer.

The download came from here: http://www.logicoy.com/sites/default/files/glassfishesb-v2.2-full-installer-windows.exe

When I actually managed to download this file without the AV interrupting, the installation was interrupted at the time of the installation of the uninstaller.


I can't comment on the exe itself, but the name of the (alleged) virus indicates that it was detected by a heuristic scan, i.e. your AV software can't exactly detect and confirm a virus, but the executable does something that viruses usually might do.

If you trust the source of the file, it's probably just a false positive. If you're not absolutely sure, I would recommend checking with other AV software to see if they detect anything.

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Check the results here:


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