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How can I enable onboard graphics AND dedicated card simultaneously ?

i am building a new sandy bridge desktop. i want to run 3 to 4 monitors on this system, and would like to have access to quicksync and some of the other optimizations that the intel graphics have to offer. will a H67 motherboard allow me to run the IGP and Discrete GPU at the same time?

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I haven't tried this myself, but my understanding is that as long as:

  • The motherboard itself allows you to keep the integrated graphics enabled with a discrete GPU attached, AND
  • The drivers for the two coexist peacefully in your operating system of choice, AND
  • You have at least one monitor cabled to the integrated graphics

Then you can use the functionality in question.

EDIT: I would note that the accelerations offered by the chip are, in theory, available for a discrete GPU to offload to, so down the road AMD/nVidia might make this functionality available (if they bother).

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