I'm trying to install forticlient on fedora 14 for vpn access, and I get the following error when I run it for the first time:

No protocol specified
Error: Unable to initialize gtk, is DISPLAY set properly?

Any ideas what could be causing this problem?



It should also resolve your problem

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Everything points to something wrong with XOrg.

  • No protocol specified is an Xlib error.
  • gtk is the GIMP Toolkit, and it depends on Xlib.
  • DISPLAY is an environment variable used by Xlib to determine your display.

Do you have XOrg running? Is there something wrong with it? Can you not start other GTK apps?


I got this error whilst trying to run PgAdminIII from the command line. The reason I got this error was because I was inside an account that didn't have privileges to access gtk, an application that creates the GUI for applications.

Basically (as with most errors), try running the application as a substituted user:

$ sudo forticlientsslvpn

or change to your main account and run it:

$ su main_account
> password: ********
$ forticlientsslvpn

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