The start menu on my Windows 7 Pro does not show the search input field (for, e.g., searching programs). How can I restore it?


If you want to enable Windows Search, click on Start and select Control Panel.

enter image description here

In Control Panel switch to Large Icons View and click on Programs and Features.

enter image description here

Next in the left panel click on the Turn Windows features on or off hyperlink.

enter image description here

Scroll down the list and check the box next to Windows Search.

enter image description here

Now click Ok in the Windows Features window.

enter image description here

Then a restart is required to complete the changes.

enter image description here

Source: How-To Geek - How to enable/disable Search in Windows 7?

Also, hit WIN+R and then start gpedit.msc.

enter image description here

Under Computer Configuration and User Configuration, repeat twice:

  1. Open Administrative Templates, then All Settings.

  2. Sort by State, check for anything enabled/disabled.

  3. Sort the State again in the opposite direction, check again.

  4. Do you see anything search related that is configured?

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