I have a ton of video files that were downloaded from the internet. Most are ok, but some were not completely downloaded. Is there a program that will tell me if a video file is complete?

Either a command line program or something that can verify all videos in a directory structure.

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I found this, I think it should do the trick.

How can I check the integrity of a video file (avi, mpeg, mp4...)?

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  • Thanks. So I have ffmpeg and am generating output from it for the video files. What do I check? – Ronnie Overby Mar 25 '11 at 23:52
  • you would look for a file called "error.log" which probably would be placed in the same folder as the ffmpeg program. – CreeDorofl Mar 26 '11 at 18:38

I find a tool that worked for me. Most of the files that I needed to check were mp4 files.

see link below


I created my own bat file with notepad with the following

p:\flvcheck -n * . *


all files with numbers are corrupt.

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