I'm looking for a simple way to print multiple images on the same page. The default image printing function in Windows lets me select how many images I want on each page. How do I do this on the Mac?

When I select multiple images in the Finder and then File / Print, the Preview app opens and prints just the first selected image. If I try the same one more time, nothing gets printed!


Open all images you want to print in Preview at the same time (select all, then open). They will be opened in the same window, with a sidebar (similar to a multi-plage PDF).

How to proceed depends on your OS X version.

Printing on Mac OS X Lion and later

Select File » Print and then change Layout » Pages per Sheet.

Print dialog screenshot

Printing on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and earlier

Select the images you want to print in the sidebar.

Image selection in sidebar screenshot

Then select File » Print Selected Images…. There you can configure to print multiple images per page.

Print dialog screenshot


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