How can I set status messages in IRC? A simple guide for learning IRC would also be helpful.

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The standard command is /away [your away message]. Then /away again to let people know you're back. I think this is a good start for learning IRC: http://www.mirc.com/ircintro.html


You can do something like /away to set yourself as being away. For instance:

/away Not here right now

This will make it appear to others that you are away, and if they PM you, they will get a message somewhat like this:

Menopia is away. Reason: Not here right now

You can also use the /me command to denote doing something. For instance:

/me does something

Will appear to others in the channel/PM as something like:

* Menopia does something
  • is there a comment that would just set my status (in my /whois and direct messages) and not spam all channels that I am in? Maybe its diturbing if I change this a lot
    – MacMartin
    Oct 4, 2017 at 11:49

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