I was hosting a local MediaWiki using XAMPP on a Windows machine. Recently, I've begun using multiple machines and realized that having the wiki run locally on a Windows machine might not be the ideal solution for my documentation needs.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm hoping to use something that could leverage DropBox.

My simple requirements:

  • Allows linking between articles.
  • Taxonomy that, at the very least, allows multiple categorization.
  • Some sort of sensible markup. I do not care for WYSIWYG's but not a deal breaker.

I do not need authentication or anything of that sort. I'd prefer a simple migration but if I have to manually migrate documentation over, it's not that big a deal.


TiddlyWiki seems to match your requirements: a wiki in a single HTML file. Many plugins are available.

However you'll have to convert your content (as with any other wiki): there is no "wiki standard".


After trying TiddlyWiki, Wikipad and some other options, I've settled on Evernote.

It's something that I've tried in the past but I have not fallen in love with it. However, now that I have a specific goal in mind (documenting my personal network setup), it's actually working quite well so far. I especially like the option of taking pictures of cable connections for future references.


if you don't want to change the formatting, and just need an offline copy of the wiki (without edity powers), why not just make an offline copy with wget or httrack - run it periodically to update the site.

  • I do not want a publicly accessible wiki. However, I want it portable. That's why TiddlyWiki and WikiPad (with some way to sync the data between multiple machines---like Dropbox) come in. – Belmin Fernandez Mar 27 '11 at 15:45

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